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No matter the industry, if a boiler is in use, there must always be a maintenance engineer on hand to keep things running smoothly and safely. For this reason, students who undertake maintenance engineer training typically go on to find their skills in great demand, and become heavily relied upon by their employers.

At Lifetime Learning LLC, we offer a maintenance engineer course, along with a stationary engineer component, that gives our students a broad base of both classroom and field experience. The course instructor has over 30 years of experience, and in that time, has performed tens of thousands of hours of both routine and unusual maintenance. This level of experience makes our maintenance engineer course the most reliable in Cleveland.

At Lifetime Learning LLC, we believe in creating a positive, encouraging learning environment. Students who actively engage in their training are rewarded with the positive reinforcement they need to work harder and achieve more, while students who struggle are carefully helped and encouraged on an individual level. This way, no student is left behind. It is our belief that this nurturing approach is the reason that 92% of our maintenance engineering training course students passes their exams on their first try.

Through a comprehensive syllabus, a balanced combination of both classroom and field experience, and a positive approach to teaching, Lifetime Learning LLC has gone on to become the most successful boiler operator, stationary engineer, and maintenance engineer school in Cleveland. Give yourself the edge in the industry.

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